traditions and a way of life coupled with the cycles of nature

The culture of Terras de Burón is closely linked to the climatic conditions and a great agricultural and livestock tradition.




Typical constructions for use in field work

Sowing, harvesting and caring for livestock have given rise to their own culture in Terras de Burón, which is reflected in their popular customs, traditions, villages, houses and buildings.

Be sure to visit the villages full of typical constructions of high cultural value of Ribeira de Piquín, Negueira de Muñiz and A Fonsagrada. Its muiños, ouriceiras, hórreos and its typical architecture, located in a natural environment of incomparable beauty.

The cultural heritage of these lands through which the Primitive Way of Santiago passes is enormous, with traditional constructions of the area. One of its main attractions is the wooden hórreos with pajo or slate cover.






















A Fonsagrada Ethnographic Museum

It was founded in 1984 and is the greatest exponent of the culture of the area. It features several pieces of archaeology, ethnography and contemporary art. In his exhibition he shows us objects collected by the villages of the area, usual activities in a farm house, traditional trades, musical instruments and their culture in general. The Ethnographic Museum of Fonsagrada aims to present the forms of work and life of self-sufficiency of this mountain region, where there are still ferreiros and zoqueiros, without forgetting the evolution of the passage of time.

If you want to know the customs, traditions and stories of a natural and unique environment come to know Terras de Burón.


Get to know our villages and culture

Culture in A Fonsagrada

Culture in A Fonsagrada

Almost all the villages of A Fonsagrada, are located in a mountainous area, which fills them with spectacular landscapes and an almost intact nature.

Culture in Negueira de Muñiz

Culture in Negueira de Muñiz

The villages of Negueira, accompanied by the Navia River, form a valuable set of landscape, cultural and architectural heritage.

Culture in Ribeira de Piquín

Culture in Ribeira de Piquín

The mountains of the province of Lugo are full of unique treasures, such as the numerous villages that are located in the municipality of Ribeira de Piquín.

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