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Terras de Burón offers you numerous places to get to know.

Visit what no one knows

The town halls of Lugo Mountain, A Fonsagrada, Negueira de Muñiz and Ribeira de Piquín are full of special places for you to visit. Surrounded by stunning mountains and rivers with crystal clear waters, they are part of Terras de Burón in addition to being part of the Eo-Oscos-Terras de Burón Biosphere Reserve, Red Natura 2000 and the Geodestines of Galicia.

Recreational areas to enjoy nature and viewpoints that show wonderful panoramas are found in these lands. Villages scattered among lush forests retain the magic of yesteryear where the passage of time has left hundreds of treasures for you to know.

In A Fonsagrada also churches such as Santa María de Trobo or mills such as Allonquina, there is a varied architectural heritage. The landscape also shows its great ancestral value, such as the Tejos de Carballido.

In Negueira de Muñiz the laundry rooms such as Vilaseca or mills such as Tallobre, are intermingled with centuries-old vines and native forests. The recreational areas and viewpoints form together with the mills another of their attractions.

Ribeira de Piquín has an almost intact nature that shelters churches and chapels such as Ouviaño or Boel. The recreational area of A Retorta or the Aceña do Fidalgo are some of the beauties that this area hides.

The three municipalities are full of tradition and culture without forgetting authentic gastronomy. Three places to discover and enjoy every corner, enjoying places and landscapes that are never forgotten.

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