Terras de Burón

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Terras de Burón

experiences to feel

Mountain tourism that will bring you back.

The fortress of Burón, dated 1490, belonging to the Counts of Altamira, gives its name to these lands and this tourist destination formed by the municipalities of A Fonsagrada, Negueira de Muñiz and Ribeira de Piquín in the Mountain of Lugo. Places that are part of the Spanish Network of Biosphere Reserves and the Natura 2000 Network. Terras de Burón is the entrance of the Primitive Way to Santiago de Compostela in Galicia.

Discover our hiking trails, many of them approved by the Galician Mountaineering Federation and let yourself be invaded by the breath of nature in its purest form. Enter churches and perceive the faith of pilgrims, feel the bonds of the Roman past in the numerous castros.

Taste our gastronomy and the typical products made by hand, make your palate keep the delights of each delicacy accompanied by unique and very aromatic wines.

Enjoy a quality offer in rural tourism establishments equipped with exquisite decoration and accessible to all people. Ideal for couples, families, groups and also for your pet. Places that will make you feel at home.

Come and meet Terras de Burón and discover with us another way to feel.

Our region

places to feel and get to know

To Fonsagrada, Negueira de Muñiz and Ribeira de Piquín are the three Town Halls of Lugo Mountain, which under Terras de Burón, invite you to know a region that seduces by its nature.

A Fonsagrada

To “Fonte Sagrada”, the Primitive Way to Santiago and a history full of traditions await you.

Negueira de Muñiz

Wine tourism, landscapes, tranquility and tranquility in a paradise of wine to enjoy.

Ribeira de Piquín

Hiking, Fishing, EO River Trails… Ribeira de Piquín, a destination that will make you live mountain tourism.

You don’t want to leave.

we have a lot to offer you

Rural Tourism



Camino de Santiago




Parties and fairs


A unique place

plan your getaways with us

Horseback Riding, Hiking, Mountain Sports, Cycling... fascinating experiences that will make you disconnect and venture into the spells of this land.


Ecotourism and wine tourism in idyllic places... You don't need an agenda, just come and enjoy.


Any station is optimal to visit Terras de Burón and enjoy the relaxation, tranquility and activities that are a breath of fresh air for body and mind.


A paradise of experiences

make your five senses enjoy

Discover our “seimeiras” or waterfalls on low-difficulty routes, perfect for going with children and your pet. Panoramic views from any of our viewpoints that will make you open your eyes to incredible landscapes. Recreational areas to snack, play, rest from the hustle and bustle or just let time pass. Excursions, museums, horseback riding, hiking and cycling trails, fishing. Endless activities for your leisure time.

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Wine Route


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Recreational areas


Village route


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