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If you need to escape the monotony and enjoy a few days of relaxation, then come to Terras de Burón and come to know the wide range of rural tourism establishments and hostels offered by our territory. Rural houses and apartments equipped with all services, accessible, exquisitely decorated and in many cases rehabilitated to maintain the purest essence of the Galician houses of yesteryear. Located in places that will make you disconnect from the routine making sure you have a cozy rest. Weekends, holiday periods... come to Terras de Burón and delve into the fullness of a paradise environment that is part of the Biosphere Reserves and Red Natura 2000 for beauty and purity. Stay in our country houses and discover waterfalls, paths through native forests, mountains of stunning views and valleys that radiate quiet to captivate you. Come and discover this tourist destination with a historical heritage full of treasures, where reality mixes with legends, making you find the paths that your dreams pursue and notice the peace that the Jacobean route of the Primitive Way reflects. Fascinating experiences whenever and with whomever you want, observe the richness of flora and fauna in the three municipalities that make up Terras de Burón, let it embrace the serenity of the villages every step taken and unbecoming of culture, traditionality and delicious gastronomy present in each restaurant in the area.

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