Gastronomy in Ribeira de Piquín

In this area of the Lugo mountain called Ribeira de Piquín we have for you and yours that special charm that gives our gastronomic products a unique and authentic flavor that you can check by visiting us.


Ribeira de Piquín Restaurants

Take advantage of your free time and do not hesitate to come and enjoy it with us, where in addition to the spectacular landscape and different activities you can taste each of the many delicacies that we have at your disposal and that are worthy of the most demanding palates.

Bars, restaurants and cottages take care of every detail so that on any occasion you discover the quality of our products, many of them with denomination of origin and quality stamps that when made with traditionality and affection give each dish that touch of delicacy that crosses borders.

Menus of the day, family meals or with friends, as well as banquets are at your fingertips at any time with the highest quality foods such as Galician beef, pork derivatives, game or fishing in our wonderful environment with the freshness of the fruit, vegetables or vegetables as well as desserts accompanied by wines from the area responsible for leaving palates with pleasant sensations.

Come to Ribeira de Piquín and feel like our gastronomy with all its essence and careful preparation gives truth to that mythical saying that in Galicia it eats very well, while you enjoy every bite and notes as our precious cuisine becomes beautiful moments that you will want to repeat and share.

Come and get to know Ribeira de Piquín and enjoy our gastronomy

Hotel Mirador de Barcia

Hotel Mirador de Barcia

The Hotel Mirador de Barcia, in addition to breakfast, offers à la carte dishes and varied menus, fish, seafood, octopus, meats, stews and quality homemade desserts.

Horacio House

Horacio House

Casa Horacio in Ribeira de Piquín, has been taking care of its customers for more than half a century, standing out for its exquisite homemade food.

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