Places to enjoy in Negueira de Muñiz

To talk about Negueira de Muñiz is to make it almost the perfect combination between heritage and landscape. Pure nature full of authentic treasures that it gives us among its mountains, rivers and forests. On the slopes on both sides of the Navia River, the mills, laundry rooms, mills or chapels are amazed with all their splendor. The viewpoints of Negueira de Muñiz offer a perfect panoramic view of the area and recreational areas the ideal place for relaxation. Countless trails enter villages of typical houses and unique places. Legends and reality come together to show the varied flora of this geographical space of the lucense mountain. The Grandas de Salime Reservoir divides this Town Hall in two and gives it fertile valleys and incredible landscapes. Negueira de Muñiz is the ideal place to enjoy mountain and disconnection.

Viewpoints on the Lu-P-3601

The LU-P-3601 road takes us to Negueira de Muñiz, but before arriving, in it we find some recreational areas that offer us a fantastic panoramic view of the area.

The viewpoints of the LU-P-3601 have benches, tables and small barbecues to enjoy a beautiful moment.

In these viewpoints there are also trees that under its branches we can rest and observe all the beauty of the Navia River, its slopes and the stunning mountains.

From any of the viewpoints, the natural beauty of Negueira de Muñiz is more intense. It is a pleasure for the senses to see the different nuances of forests and vineyards.

Viewpoints that approach the sky and show from above the beauty of Negueira de Muñiz.


Negueira Laundry

Ouviaño Laundry

Vilaseca Laundry

Virxe da Veiga Recreation Area

The Virxe da Veiga recreation area offers an incomparable setting to escape the routine and relax in the middle of an almost intact nature.

Located in a magical and natural environment on the banks of the Navia River, where you will also find the beautiful chapel that gives it its name. The Ermita da Virxe da Veiga was built very close from where the original was, which fell under the waters of the reservoir.

The virxe da Veiga recreational area with trees, benches, tables and playground, is a haven of peace that shows us the views around the reservoir, with centuries-old vines on the slopes and on the other side of the river you can see the village of O Foxo.

It also has a small jetty and is one of the many treasures that hides in Negueira de Muñiz and that is worth discovering.

Tallobre’s muiño

Pieiga Laundry

Negueira de Muñiz

Activities to enjoy

Rural Tourism in Negueira de Muñiz

Rural Tourism in Negueira de Muñiz

Come and discover a different way of relaxation and enjoyment in Negueira de Muñiz, with comfortable lodgings and cottages to enjoy the surroundings.

The Country of Abeyeiro

The Country of Abeyeiro

The country of Abeyeiro, a family stone and slate house of the early twentieth century, rehabilitated and converted into a place to give life to the valuable beekeeping world and get to know the world of bees.

Culture in Negueira de Muñiz

Culture in Negueira de Muñiz

The villages of Negueira, accompanied by the Navia River, form a valuable set of landscape, cultural and architectural heritage.

History in Negueira de Muñiz

History in Negueira de Muñiz

Thirty places that form the City Hall of Negueira de Muñiz have had a great archaeological heritage since prehistoric times.

Nature in Negueira de Muñiz

Nature in Negueira de Muñiz

The relief of Negueira de Muñiz is mountainous. Located around the Grandas de Salime Reservoir, where valleys and steep slopes form that give it incredible scenery.

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